Subscription and distribution service



Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso, a.s., the department for other forms of sales offers in addition to other company services - even mailing services.  Stated simply, it means the packaging and delivery of any item, anywhere. This service is mainly used by business companies, publishing houses (legal entities, private entities) and not by individuals.We have a wealth of experience with newspapers, magazines, books, calendars and gift objects... The most frequent mailing service is packaged newspapers and magazines in foils (transparent or coloured), putting correct addresses on processed deliveries, and printing stickers for the delivery foil or on the contents paper underneath the foil. Regarding deliveries for our mailing services, we cooperate closely with our business partner Slovenská Pošta a.s. In addition to mailing services for newspapers and magazines, there are additional services involved such as: inserting or gluing leaflets, cards or small objects…  When it comes to the mailing service, it is important to meet clients personally and allow them to set their exact requirements. Subsequently, our company designs packaging material, delivery methods, drawing up the price offer and setting delivery dates. The result of the meeting is the signature for the mailing contract/order. We try to do our best for our clients.


Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso, a.s., the department responsible for other forms of sales provides, in addition to the sale of newspapers and magazines using subscription methods, also covers the delivery (via its own couriers) to individual homes or company addresses. We do not charge our clients for this service. In the area of delivery, we cooperate closely with our business partner Slovenská Pošta,a.s.



  • this service mainly brings pleasure
  • you can hold a magazine or a newspaper in your hands earlier, compared with  previous methods
  • we use our own delivery couriers to bring your newspaper to you or to your company
  • at a  time during the day  that you can choose for yourself
  • dailies are delivered by 8.00 a.m.
  • you do not have to worry if you miss an issue of your favourite title due to lack of time, illness, holidays or absent-mindedness
  • you can change the delivery method throughout the subscription period
  • in cases where you have questions or requests for detailed information, you can contact your regional representatives directly (see the attached list)
  • personal meetings with  representatives
  • possibility of ordering by telephone (using a free telephone number),  by mail, fax or in the form of sms/text messaging or in person www
    (for more information see section contacts)
  • we deal with possible claims or non-delivered items immediately
  • we listen carefully to your suggestions and ideas for improvements
  • we deal with your requirements immediately
  • go ahead just try us....


Postal services

The department responsible for other forms of sales has built our own delivery network with our own couriers for addressed deliveries 6 days a week throughout the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. Our overall current coverage of the Slovak Republic by our own delivery network is 69%. As for Slovenska Pošta, a.s. it offers mailing of periodic press in Bratislava, Košice, Žilina and Trnava prior deliveries in Bratislava no later than 8.30 am other cities to 9 am.

Regional distribution companies

Exclusive business partners