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The department of other forms of sales of  Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso, a.s. deals with the sales of all types of periodical and non-periodical press using  other methods such as in the form of subscriptions and deliveries.You do not have to worry that you will miss a specific issue of your favorite title due to holidays, illness or because of forgetfulness. Our own delivery couriers will deliver the title directly to your home or company address at the time you select. We do not charge for this service. All prices of newspapers and magazines are the same as in newsstands and kiosks (or even lower). In addition to Bratislava, we have thirteen branches throughout Slovakia for ease of communication, and a simple and inexpensive way of ordering periodicals. You can use our telephone number (which is free of charge), e-mail address, sms/text messages, fax (for more information see the section Contacts).We will deliver your ordered periodicals professionally and carefully.

Some of you already know our company and are satisfied with our services.Even for you our offer is interesting and updated. You can subscribe for a complete assortment of titles (find more about our offers in the periodicals section of our catalogue). In case you find what you are looking for inside the catalogue, please let us know! We will be happy to give you more specific information.In case you are interested, or satisfied with our service in the future, you can place an order for any newspaper or magazine. Of course, we need to hear your requirements and provide you with our explanation of the criteria necessary for a safe delivery of titles to your home or company.In any case, within our terms of conditions, we are ready to deliver any newspaper from all areas of the world. We trust you will support us in our intentions and activities.

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